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Treatments For Premature Ejaculation

  • There are three main categories here:
  • Behavioral treatments & self-help systems
  • Delay creams, lotions, condoms
  • Drugs - prescribed and non-prescribed (i.e. those you can get off the internet)

We'll look at these in turn.

1) Self-help Programs

The only way you can get a permanent cure for premature ejaculation is to use one of the treatment programs that is available on the Internet and which will guide you through a series of exercises that allows you to train your body to respond more slowly to sexual stimulation.

Now, I know we'd all like something that works instantly, so that you can just pop a pill, say, and then make love for half an hour, but unfortunately life isn't that simple.

(Even the things that do work quickly like delay creams and condoms with anesthetic lotion inside them deprive you feeling.)

Of course, you might be wondering how so-called behavioral programs can be used to control ejaculation. The answer lies in training your body to respond sexual stimulation more slowly.

You can do this with a combination of simple tricks and techniques, including deep breathing, muscular control, visualization and mental exercises that change how you see yourself - in essence, changing your vision of yourself from a quick ejaculator to a man with superb staying power.

I've written all about these programs on other websites, so rather than rehash all that information again, I'm just going to direct you to a review page showing you the premature ejaculation treatments I recommend.

One or other of these treatments will absolutely, definitely, completely and utterly solve your ejaculation problems 100%. Promise!

PE Makes No Sense!

Like most men with premature ejaculation, you're probably far too aroused in the early stages of sex - so much so that it only takes a little bit of extra stimulation during intercourse before you ejaculate uncontrollably.

But is this something to do with your body or your mind?

And the answer is - both. For one thing, you're probably not relaxed enough during sex. Pelvic tension can cause premature ejaculation.

Sure, being tense is essential for orgasm - which is the release of bodily tension accompanied by a wonderful feeling of pleasure.

But the more tense you are, the faster you reach orgasm. That's especially true of the muscles in the pelvic area (including the famous PC muscle, aka pubococcygeal muscle).

So you need to stay relaxed. That's easy - when you know how. (We'll come on to that in a moment.)

Staying relaxed is essential for good sex

happy couple feeling fulfilled in bed

But PE is also about your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I've seen one website, which just happens to be selling lotions and potions as premature ejaculation cures, which claims premature ejaculation is NOT about your mind, and that solutions directed at the body will help to overcome premature ejaculation.

Obviously that's a statement designed to make you pop a pill or use a lotion on your penis... but the sad fact is, these things just don't work.  (Though they make some people a lot of money!)

But don't worry!

There's no need for lengthy or expensive sexual therapy or counseling to cure rapid ejaculation.

First off, premature ejaculation is extremely common over 50% of men ejaculate within three minutes of penetration.

That's led some scientists to claim that rapid ejaculation is actually "normal" in other words, that we inherited a tendency to come quickly from our ancient ancestors, because taking a long time over sex would render a man and a woman vulnerable to predators or to attack by other men.

Who knows whether that's true or not, but what I do know is that most men do come quickly, and most men are very grateful for rapid ejaculation treatments - solutions might be better way to put it - which can help them last longer in bed.

Can you satisfy her in bed? Or do you come prematurely?

Naked woman standing on floor

I also know that there are some things that definitely make PE worse, such as anxiety about sex, anxiety about being able to fulfill a woman, anxiety about being able to perform well in bed, and just simply being too excited by the prospect of sex.

As if you can actually be "too" excited about sex! That's what sex is very exciting and sexually arousing.

So the reality is that any premature ejaculation treatment that is just directed the body is not really going to make much difference. This means creams, lotions or pills.


2) Premature Ejaculation Delay Creams, Lotions, and Condoms

Pasante delay condoms are a new variety which just appeared on the market. You can buy them on Amazon, where there are a number of customer reviews.

Although a new variety, they are certified to European Community Standards, and are 100% electronically tested.

(If you don't know what means, well, listen and learn! The makers thread the finished condom over a metal tube and dip it in a solution of salt. If an electrical current passes between the tube and salt solution, there's a hole in the condom. Interesting, eh?)

Read all about delay sprays, creams, lotions and condoms here.

3) Drugs and Medications, Pills & Potions

It's certainly true that there are some drugs available which can slow down your ejaculation albeit not by very much such as Dapoxetine (sold as Priligy in Europe, but not licensed in the USA) and other SSRI antidepressants.

But these compounds have incredibly strong effects on the chemistry of the brain. I just wonder why anyone would want to take them to delay ejaculation when they are known to have such devastating side-effects.

I would absolutely steer clear of drugs at all costs, especially heavy duty ones designed to change the brain chemistry of depressed people...

Read all about these possible PE treatment methods here.


Other problems which may interfere with the enjoyment of sex

It's important to be in good health to enjoy sex to the full.

As Gail Sheehy observed in her book "Sex and the Seasoned Woman", when we age the first thing that tends to go is exercise - and yet exercise is the one thing which has the power to keep us fit and well and in the peak of sexual condition.

In fact, exercising 6 days a week is probably not too much when you are over 50 - four times a week with a session of vigorous aerobic exercise and twice a week with a session of strength training.

There are proven protective effects from exercise on the incidence of arthritis, gout, cholesterol levels, and hypertension - yet we tend to slump and give up exercise.

This is a mistake, for sure - every decade, your strength decreases by 10% if you do not take action to counteract this natural decline. In that spirit, I offer some natural remedies to counteract the most common conditions which develop with age. First, gout.

The best cure for gout is what you eat, and adopting the right remedies will help maintain fitness in many other areas as well.

If you eat the right gout foods, you can completely control the incidence of gout pain and avoid acute gout attacks.

Finally, despite the development of Statins, which have been proclaimed as a universal life saver, the really effective remedy for high cholesterol is totally natural - exercise.


 Updated October 27, 2016