The Effects Of Premature Climax


There are many problems that premature ejaculation can cause, but some couples find ways around them.

However .... is that really good enough?

In general, when you talk to these couples, you find they have lots of satisfying intimacy in their relationship.

This ranges from good communication and lots of touching, through regular cuddles, to all kinds of shared sexual pleasures, including oral & manual pleasuring which allows the woman to reach orgasm before the couple enjoy intercourse.

oral pleasuring may be helpful if a man has premature ejaculation

manual pleasuring may achieve female sexual pleasure when a man ejaculates prematurely

And the woman enjoying an orgasm during foreplay before penetration is a good idea.

Here's the thing - a woman may be most prepared, both physically and psychologically, to enjoy full intercourse after she has already had the pleasure of an orgasm during foreplay.

She has enjoyed her man's full attention in bringing her to climax.

She is emotionally open to him. She wants deeper connection with him.

And so it may really deprive both the man and his partner of sexual satisfaction if he comes quickly.

In short, how would it be if the man really could last longer in bed?

Because, when he enters her and ejaculates quickly, she may well be left feeling dissatisfied, and he may feel less powerful, less masculine, maybe even ashamed, or inadequate.

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Men: The Consequences Of Your Lack Of Ejaculation Control In Bed Can Be Serious

You may know how anxiety about your performance may make you more nervous next time, which may make an early ejaculation even more likely.

It's even possible that this will reinforce some negative feelings you have about your sexual abilities.

In some relationships, where there is lots of tension between the couple, the woman may find her man's premature ejaculation to be a prefect reason to blame him for other problems in the relationship.

But what's going on here?

Why don't these couples try something different, such as taking the woman to climax through oral pleasure (this being the fastest route to fulfillment for many women)?

Well, couples respond to sexual difficulties in a wide variety of ways, and so, if you wish to know more....

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Updated October 27, 2016