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Why? Because as a sex therapist, I know what works and what doesn't. I've examined all these programs in great detail. I recommend them because they work. They work for my clients, and they will work for you. That means you can be a truly great lover, with the power to satisfy all women in bed - and you'll never have to worry about finishing too soon!

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Ejaculation By Command

Quality: Absolutely outstanding

Support: 24/7 Rapid response

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Staying Power

Quality: Great

Support: Good

Recommendation: 8 out of 10

Delivery: Instant download

Ejaculation Trainer

Quality: Good

Support: Good

Recommendation: 8 out of 10

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I've been working for 10 years as a sexual counselor for men, and I know a lot about controlling premature ejaculation!

Ejaculation By Command is my choice: it works for my clients, and it will work for you.

Proven over 10 years, this newly revised edition is full of exciting new material that will take you effortlessly to new peaks of sexual performance.

Ejaculation By Command comes out top on every count: ease of use, effectiveness, quality, back-up, support, free bonuses... the list goes on and on.

So if you want a powerful solution for stopping premature ejaculation (of course you do!), one that will give you greater staying power and let you decide when to ejaculate during sex, this is the answer for you.

But any system designed to control PE must be backed up by solid, proven, practical information. That's certainly true here.

The author - Lloyd Lester, an experienced sex counselor - makes sure it is all explained in simple, straightforward language that is easy to apply. His step-by-step instructions make this an easy and practical solution for all men with ejaculation issues!

And Ejaculation By Command is a complete solution, covering not only the causes of premature ejaculation but also all the possible cures - that is, the ones which really work...

The author shows you why delay creams, condoms, lotions, distraction techniques, and all the other "same-old, same-old" rubbish is a waste of time, and why you need a personal, modern solution. Then he gives it to you!

The techniques are derived from professional sex therapy techniques. They've been tried and  tested over many years, and tens of thousands of men can testify to their success.

Like these other men, you can become a skilled lover, stop premature ejaculation, and enjoy sex for just as long as you desire, taking your partner to orgasm as you do so....

So yes, I am a massive supporter of Ejaculation by Command, which is the gold standard in  premature ejaculation treatment - and you also get a lot of free bonus material which will give you and your partner intense pleasure and sexual satisfaction for years to come.

Staying Power is a program that provides a very effective system for controlling premature ejaculation in fact, it's almost exactly the system that I use as a professional sex therapist when I'm working with men on a one-to-one basis.

The instructions are extremely clear, and there's a series of detailed photographs showing exactly how to learn ejaculation control with a series of bodily training exercises that slow down your approach to orgasm no matter how much sexual stimulation you receive.

The later stages of the program are done with your partner; the focus is on a couple working together and incorporating the PE training into their sex life, increasing intimacy and sensuality in their relationship.

Although you could actually learn to control premature ejaculation very effectively using Staying Power alone, it certainly doesn't have the vast amount of added information that you get with Ejaculation by Command.

Whether or not this really matters is to some extent a personal opinion, and in a way I almost want to suggest you make your own mind up as to which program would suit you better.

I think on balance, however, I'm going to recommend Ejaculation by Command simply because its presentation is a lot more professional, and the level of support is extraordinary.

Now I totally accept that it may not matter to you whether or not you get a slick e-book and audio or video recordings if you just want to control PE! (And to be truthful, I'm not entirely sure that audio recordings are really necessary to learn how to control PE, although as the author of Ejaculation by Command states, some people do learn more easily by listening than by reading).

So all in all, Staying Power is a very good program, but it gets beaten at the line ever-so-slightly, because it has slightly less good support and less added value (i.e. free bonus material of real quality and value).

Another helpful program designed to give you superb control in bed and make your sex life all it can be.

The Ejaculation Trainer has been used by over 26,000 men worldwide, whom many of whom have experienced life changing benefits.

Everything you need to fully understand premature ejaculation is covered here.

You'll learn about all the different causes of premature ejaculation and how to effectively address each one.

You'll also learn a proven approach to permanently end PE, as well as dozens of other techniques and information to prevent PE and control ejaculation.

After reading The Ejaculation Trainer, you'll know how to end premature ejaculation once and for all.

It's very easy to understand and use the information in this book. It's designed to work for any man at any stage of PE.

It will work for the man who can't last 10 seconds, and it will work for the average man who just wants to last longer or learn more about ejaculation control.

When it comes to premature ejaculation, the only way to improve is to learn how to control your ejaculatory reflex.

Delay creams and condoms, and other anesthetic sprays, do nothing but mask the problem.

Programs like The Ejaculation Trainer are a much better solution than so-called herbal pills, creams, sprays, and other temporary solutions.

For one, those types of methods are not very effective in the first place.

They also don't provide long-term results, and they certainly don't give you a "natural" ability to last longer.

You'll also have to buy them for as long as you wish to continue having sex, which would incur costs of thousands of dollars.

When it comes to information, there's a handful of decent programs and books out there.

I have identified the three finest available, and The Ejaculation Trainer is one of them. 

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The #1-Rated System To Beat Premature Ejaculation!

Ejaculation By Command is far and away the best way to stop premature ejaculation, because it explains the simplest and most effective techniques available for men who want to control premature ejaculation at home in privacy.

Why? Well, it's a complete system, it's practical, it's great value for money, and it's easy to use.

More than this, it works. I've been a sex counselor and advisor for many years, and I've seen hundreds of men with PE in person, and advised hundreds more over the internet. Ejaculation By Command has worked for these men better than anything else. Without exception.

And since it provides you with all the tools, tips, tricks and techniques you need to control premature ejaculation, to prevent ejaculation when you want to hold back from coming, why would you not invest in it? Seriously, the information in Ejaculation By Command will allow you to change your whole attitude to sex - instead of fearing an early ejaculation, you can "reprogram" yourself so that your body responds to sex with much more control.

This means you will be able to enjoy much longer lasting sex, give your partner fulfilling, deeply satisfying sex, and enjoy mind-blowing orgasms yourself. Quite a change from being a man with PE!

This makes you the kind of lover who women adore. They want great sex, they want a man who can control himself in bed, and that means they will want you! Whether you are free and single, or in a relationship, this is the way you can STOP premature ejaculation NOW!

Lloyd Lester, the author, includes 7 amazing bonuses that together will transform your sex life, including 15 tried-and-tested "emergency control techniques" that let you get instant ejaculation control - tonight, and secret sexual techniques that show you how to satisfy a woman's deepest sexual needs and take sex to a much higher level....

Ejaculation By Command offers solid, useful, practical information that will let you last up to ten or twenty times longer in bed. That means you will be able to make love for up to twenty minutes if you wish. And that means great sex for you - and for her! s

Lloyd Lester's back-up is great, too! If you email him you'll get a personal reply within a day - and very often within a couple of hours. This outstanding level of service and support is exceptional in this area. If only everyone was as honest and reliable!

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